When listing your property, we will take several different types of videos:

Selfie Videos... As your home is about to hit the market we will film a quick, selfie video or two introducing the property. Whether it's a "Coming Soon" video or a "Just Listed" video (or both!), this is known to draw a lot of attention to your property. Peaking people's interest right as your home hits the market is key! Check out more of these videos by clicking here.


Walkthrough Videos... These videos are great for showing potential buyers the layout of your home. We post these video tours on several social media sites, making it possible for more buyers to explore your home on their own computers. We also share walkthrough videos with other realtors, so they may show clients that have interest in your property. Check out more of these videos by clicking here.


Specially-Designed Videos... To better serve our clients, we try to stay on-our-toes. There are times when creative and thoughtful solutions are a must. It could be a scripted video about how amazing your home is, an extended video tour to pick up on high-end finishes, a quick selfie-style video introducing an upcoming open house, or a fresh idea that we feel is perfect for your home. Check out more of these videos by clicking here.


Zillow Videos... Zillow videos are one thing we cannot afford to overlook. These videos have proven to more than double the amount people viewing your property on Zillow... That's incredible!