Moving is an adventure, and Fido is along for the ride. Use the tips in this guide to make sure the adventure goes off without a hitch.

At this point, you’ve lost count of the number of house showings, and you are beginning to wonder if your house will ever sell. The good news is that your home will sell, but you might have to make a few minor adjustments since Fido shares your living space, including hiring a pet sitter during showings and moving day. No worries, this guide will walk you through what you need to know.

Besides, you have tons of fun to look forward to in Bemidji. There are plenty of Fido-friendly restaurants. If you’re a dog, what do you enjoy? If the answer is dog parks, Bemidji has you covered. To get you started, check out Nymore Dog Park or take him for a walk on Paul Bunyan State Trail. Perhaps you could relax afterwards with a cup of coffee at Dunn Brothers Coffee. Just remember to pace yourself – this is home, so you have plenty of time to explore.


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