Moving To Laporte, MN: 5 Reasons To Move Today!
Laporte is a quaint town that sits in the Hubbard County area of Minnesota. The town has a population of around 150 and the residents in the area love the clean streets and the small-town atmosphere. If you’re thinking about moving to Laporte, MN keep reading to find out what it’s really like living in Laporte, MN.

Moving to Laporte

There are so many reasons why you should consider Laporte for your next hometown. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why the town is such a great choice. 

The city of Laporte has a great sense of community and it’s a great place to consider for anyone who prefers a more residential area. The location is great for potential commuters as it sits a 2-hour drive from the city of Duluth (population 86,000) and it’s much closer to many smaller towns like Walker (12-minute drive), Bemidji (27-minute drive), and Park Rapids (37-minute drive). The city also sits on the gorgeous Garfield lake so you can have a lakefront view if you decide to start living in Laporte, MN. 

The Real Estate Market

Homes in Laporte are going for great prices and the area has quite a few lots available for purchase so you can build your own lakefront dream home. Homes in the area of Laporte, MN typically sell for lower than the asking price. 

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1. The Potential for Investment Properties


Laporte is also a buyers market right now with many homes available and few buyers snatching them up. According to, 83% of residents own their own homes in the town which means there are only 17% that are renting. This would be a great time to consider looking into investment properties to purchase in the area and converting them into rental units. With a low amount of renters and a great cost of living, people will be flocking to your properties and you’ll be happy with your return.

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2. The Schools


Laporte has some great schools in their school system that educate the students of the city of Laporte along with other surrounding towns. Let’s have a look at some of the best schools in Laporte, MN. 

Laporte High School | 315 Main St. W, Laporte, MN 56461

This high school serves around 80 students with a student-to-teacher ratio of 13 to 1 and it’s one of the best schools in Laporte, MN. Students at the school enjoy the helpful teachers, small class sizes, and fun atmosphere at the high school. The school has been given the ranking of #307 Best High Schools for Athletes in Minnesota along with being ranked the #407 Most Diverse Public High Schools in Minnesota. 

Laporte Middle School | 315 Main St. W, Laporte, MN 56461

The Laporte Middle school had around 90 students in grades 6-8 and a student-to-teacher ratio of 17 to 1. The school has been given the ranking of #272 Most Diverse Public Middle School in Minnesota by the school rating website

Laporte Elementary School | 315 Main St. W, Laporte, MN 56461

Laporte Elementary school educates around 177 students in grades PK-5 and has a great student-to-teacher ratio of 11 to 1. The school has been ranked as the #421 Most Diverse Public Elementary School in Minnesota. 

Students Answering Questions In Class

3. The Great Neighborhoods


Residents of the area enjoy how close the community is and how close all of the amenities are in the town. The town has a grocery store, multiple churches of different faiths, and a few different restaurants for the locals to enjoy. There are many great neighborhoods in the town but the majority of the residential area is between 1st and 2nd street. 

Residents of the town also enjoy the quiet and relaxed nature the town has. The town also has many great areas of land that are perfect for building a new home. The limits are endless in a town like Laporte. 

Great Neighborhoods in Laporte, MN

4. The Low Cost of Living


The cost of living is a great indication of how much money you will be able to save if you choose to live in that town. A cost of living index over 100 means that the town is higher than the national average while anything under 100 means it is lower than the national average. The cost of living index for Laporte sits at around 85 which means you will have more money in your pocket. 

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5. Things to do in Laporte


Laporte is a smaller community and they don’t have many festivals and events within the city but there are plenty in nearby cities that are worth the short trip. Walker (just a 12 minute drive away from Laporte) has a few festivals including the Eelpout festival that's held in February. The Eelpout Festival celebrates “Missasotas ugliest fish” and it runs for a few days every year.

Walker also hosts the Moondance Jammin Country Music weekend that runs in June every year. This event features country music like Jo Dee Messina, Mason Dixon Line, and Midland along with many other great country music acts. You can buy tickets to camp out among other country music fans while you have a relaxing and fun weekend. 

Another great event you can find in Walker every year is the annual Leech Lake Frostfest. One of the coolest events (literally!) involves snow golf, live music, a craft beer competition, food, and lots of events for kids. The event benefits an organization from the local community every year and it is a no-trace event.

There are so many great things about Laporte that will make you want to consider making the move today. Some of the best neighborhoods in Laporte give you a quiet and welcoming feeling that you can't find many other places. Living in Laporte, MN is a great idea if you want a quiet town with a fantastic cost of living and there is no better time to think about snatching up one of the great properties in Laporte. 



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